Accredited Landlord responsibilities

What are the responsibilities of an Accredited Landlord?

  • Be committed to partnership working and work with City of Wolverhampton Council, tenants, the Police, Fire Brigade, the UK Border Agency and other key stakeholders to achieve the aims of the Scheme.
  • Provide requested information for joining the scheme, including a full list of all properties that they own or manage in the City of Wolverhampton Council in a timely manner.
  • Assist with access to properties to carry out inspections.
  • Have a written complaints procedure for tenants. Guidelines on how to set up a complaints procedure are available from the PSHAO.
  • Inform tenants, in writing, or as part of their tenancy agreement, of the responsibilities imposed on them by the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Act 1998.
  • Advise the tenants that they should take out their own contents insurance.
  • Agree that as a landlord who owns properties bound by a tenancy agreement to manage the risk associated with asbestos and protect occupants and contractors visiting the property to carry out repairs all in accordance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.
  • Working with the Council to address incidents of any illegal/criminal and anti-social behaviour, associated with your tenant/s and or property.
  • Working with the Council on future private sector improvement initiatives.
  • Ensure that all their properties meet the Wolverhampton Letting Standard and seeking support from the Private Sector Housing Team if you have any queries about your obligations as a private landlord.