Housing Advice and Guidance

Private Sector Housing

The Private Sector Housing (PSH) team works with home owners, landlords and tenants to improve housing conditions in the private sector. There are housing standards expected for all housing to ensure that homes are safe to live in. Here you can find further information and advice from the Private Sector Housing team.

The aim of the PSH team is to improve housing conditions within the private rented sector and bring properties up to standard. They have a responsibility to deal with housing that may be dangerous for the occupiers in the property. The type of enforcement action taken is considered on a case by case basis and will vary according to the law.

These pages contain advice and information for people renting or seeking to rent a house (tenants and landlords). Considering renting a property from a private landlord or a letting agency? Know your rights and responsibilities as a tenant and those of your landlord.

If you rent from a letting agent, make sure they are registered with a Letting and Managing Agent Redress Scheme. Letting and managing agents, by law, must display their fees prominently in their office and website. Check if the property requires a licence and if so, that it is licensed. You can check if it is with the Council or by asking to see the licence.

Pre-Tenancy Preparation for Landlords / Tenants

Information for landlords and tenants and how to prepare before a tenancy.

Documents required before renting

Documents that tenants and landlord should provide before a tenancy begins.

Check your tenants Right to Rent

All private landlords need to carry out quick and simple checks on all new tenants to make sure they have the right to rent.

Landlord Safety Responsibilities

How landlords must ensure their property is safe for tenants.

Landlord advice

We provide information and advice to landlords on a variety of subjects including:

  • Finding tenants
  • Tenancy agreements
  • Landlord access to tenant benefits and arrears
  • Overpayments of rent
  • Renting out houses for multiple occupation (HMOs)
  • Tenants and antisocial behaviour
  • Ending a tenancy
  • Property repairs
  • Our enforcement policy

For further information see our landlord advice pages.

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