Sector News - Damp and Mould Awareness

Damp and Mould

The tragic death of 2 year old toddler Awaab Ishak, who died of a respiratory condition caused by mould in his home, has rightly focused attention on the responsibility of all housing providers – private and local authority – to ensure that the homes they provide are well-maintained and of a decent standard.

This tragic case has highlighted the serious effects that having damp and mould in their homes can have on people’s health and it has highlighted once again the importance of providers listening to their tenants’ concerns, understanding their diverse needs, removing barriers to accessing services and responding promptly.

Damp and mould are potential hazards under the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS); failing to address them could lead to failure of the Decent Homes Standard. All providers should have systems in place to ensure that their homes are free from hazardous levels of damp and mould, and to identify and deal with cases promptly and effectively. As we move into winter, cases of damp and mould are likely to increase.

We are therefore creating awareness via RWC "Sector News" articles to support all providers that they have a clear understanding and strong grip on damp and mould issues in their homes and are addressing risks to tenants’ and residents’ health.

The RWC team have produced an awareness leaflet and information for our Landlords in Wolverhampton.

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