Rent with Confidence and tenants


The City of Wolverhampton Council is working with managing agents and private landlords through its five-star rating system to improve the quality of Private Rented Sector (PRS) housing and target rogue landlords that put their tenants at risk.

The Rent with Confidence (RwC) star rating scheme aims to encourage greater customer choice and raise living standards, working in a similar way to the rating scheme used by the Food Standards Agency for restaurants and takeaways.

Stars are awarded to landlords who comply with the law and who rent out property above the minimum statutory standards, with financial incentives for five-star landlords.

RwC enables tenants to choose their property and landlord through the RwC website. The properties will have been checked and approved by the council RwC team as meeting the relevant star rating standards.

The RwC website provides detailed information about the scheme and will enable landlords and agents to register their property and tenants to register their interest and choose a suitable property.

For further detailed information about the scheme please contact:

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