Poor housing conditions and your health

Poor housing can be a major determinant of health, where bad management and poor conditions can be very harmful. The health harms of poor quality housing are well known, from the effect of damp on respiratory functions, to falls and injuries, poor social connectedness and poor mental well-being.

A large number of Private Rental Sector (PRS) properties are being rented within Wolverhampton. This makes it difficult to determine the good from not so good/bad properties. RwC aims to not only house tenants in good properties, but we also have support available to help tenants sustain tenancies and take an holistic approach to tenants.

The diagram below contains the 29 hazards which are assessed under the Housing Health and Safety Rating system (HHSRS). The arrows illustrate the relative public and emotional health effects as a result of some of these hazards.

Housing health and safety rating system(HHSRS)

Further information can be found here about the: Housing Health and Safety Rating System

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