I want good housing

"Our home is not just a dwelling place. It should be a place of comfort, shelter, safety and warmth; a place to raise family, welcome friends, and a springboard for all our other daily activities. In short it is the main setting for our health throughout our lives."

Fenton, K. 2015

Rent with Confidence appreciate not everyone has the best home for their health and therefore take housing as a public health issue seriously. RwC recognises every individual has individual needs. The English Housing Survey (2013) found that the 29 HHSRS hazards can have a clear impact on health however, poor housing similarly has a serious impact on mental health and wellbeing whereby cold homes, unsuitable homes and overcrowded homes impact this too.

Therefore, it is important to have a decent home to reside in. RwC aims to not only look at housing conditions but aims to look at tenants holistically as RwC officers are now public health trained in issues such as mental health and want to provide a multidisciplinary approach for both tenants and landlords.

Follow the link below if you are in search for a decent home with a good landlord with a 3* rating and above.


†Fenton, K. (2015). Bringing together housing and public health. Available: Public Health Matters

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