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As a student you may decide to move into a property with several other students.

Sharing a house with friends can be a wonderful experience. It can be fun and can also help you to reduce living expenses.

Our Rent with Confidence rating system will help you to identify the best properties and landlords in Wolverhampton.

Here are a few key things to consider before you rent:

  • Make sure you know the people who you will be sharing the house with and whether you think you will all get along. Everyone has their own habits, but can you all make it work or is there the potential for disagreements with your housemates?
  • Don’t rush into signing a contract as this could leave you tied to sharing with people who you cannot get along with. Make sure you discuss any concerns and house sharing rules with your housemates before you sign.
  • Inspect your property closely before signing a contract. The landlord should provide you with an ‘inventory’ which will provide details about the property, contents included and their condition.
  • It is also worth finding out about the landlord. You could consider talking to the previous tenants about their experiences to see whether the landlord was responsive to any issues that they raised about the property and whether any repairs were carried quickly and to a high standard.

Check our Housing Advice section for further advice on your rights and responsibilities.

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