What does the star rating mean?

The Star ratings explained...

5 Star Rating ★★★★★

This is awarded to exemplary landlords/agents. There must be evidence of excellent management of the properties with all legal requirements met. Landlords need to be a member of a landlord accreditation association. Landlords have to go above and beyond and must be investing in the city. The following are required for a landlord to be a 5 star:

  • Meeting legal requirements (gas safety certificate every 12 months, EPC, right to rent, deposit protection)
  • Landlord accreditation/Association
  • Government approved tenancy agreement in place
  • Written and photographic inventories tenancy agreements in place
  • Good decorative repair
  • Notices must not have been served on the landlord during the past 5 years
  • Carbon monoxide detector in the property

4 Star Rating ★★★★

  • Good property but has some minor disrepair
  • Meets legal requirements (gas safety certificate every 12 months, Right to rent, EPC, Deposit protection)
  • Carbon monoxide detector fitted in the property

3 Star Rating ★★★

  • Satisfactory landlord
  • Some disrepair to the property
  • Landlord meets legal requirements

Unrated (2 star, 1 star and 0 star landlords)

  • There are landlords that do not meet the minimum 3 star rating required under the RwC scheme. Those landlords identified as not meeting this standard, will be given 28 days to achieve a 3 star rating, after which the property will appear on the RwC website. The landlord, however, will not be permitted to advertise the property until a 3 star, or higher, rating has been achieved.
  • If you are not currently meeting a 3 star rating, we are happy to work with you to help you achieve a 3 star rating.
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