Housing advice

There are many things to consider in deciding whether to rent your home in the private rental sector. Take your time and don’t rush into it, as once you’ve signed the contract you’ll be committed to paying the rent for the duration of the contract.

The following is a short checklist of the main things to consider:

  • View the property beforehand. Is it in good condition and does everything work? If you have any concerns ask the landlord to carry out repairs or provide the information you request before you agree to take on the tenancy.
  • Can you afford it? In addition to the rent there will be council tax, utility bills, contents insurance and tv license to pay.
  • Be cautious if the landlord appears too eager to rent the property to you.
  • Check the neighbourhood during the day, evening and weekend. Will you feel safe living there and walking home from work or the pub? Is there good street lighting? Is there a noisy pub or nightclub next door? Will you be able to park your car safely? Is the property secure with good door and window locks?
  • Try to meet your new neighbours. Will you get on with them? Do they play loud music or have noisy pets that are likely to disturb you?
  • If you have a pet, will your landlord agree to you keeping it at the property?

Here you can find more detailed information about the above topics or via the following links.

Private renting information from GOV.UK

Private housing advice from the City of Wolverhampton Council

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